Helmet cameras

The reason I’m saying this is really because not all helmets have mounts for whatever location you in order to put them all. Take the GoPro for example; it’s a small, rectangular-like box. It mount on the top of your helmet, on the side, your visor, you can even offer get quiet chest mount for in which. But, it may not have functions you want out on a helmet cam. Its rival, the VHoldR Contour, sometimes have some better features, occasionally only mount of the inside of your helmet (goggles), and under the visor a few work. Consider when researching helmet cameras, because don’t buy the best camera along with the right specs, only to understand it can’t mount up where you want it in order to.

Helmet cameras are best for capturing those moments or close-calls, or wipe-outs in first-person. All the best on investigation for finding the right camera!

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